Cat5 Commerce Launches Mobile Sites

Cat5 Commerce has unveiled mobile sites for its 10 online stores, including and The mobile sites offer customers a faster, more usable on-the-go experience when interacting with the company’s retail destinations. The sites are now easier and cleaner to navigate on mobile platforms.

The new user interface offers single-page checkout. The checkout process is a simplified version of the four-page checkout process that can be found on the desktop version.

“We wanted to include this feature to streamline and simplify the user experience,” said Jacob Grass, lead developer at Cat5. “We reduced the number of steps it takes for a customer to place an order, which makes the mobile experience that much more enjoyable.”

The new sites include touch-friendly navigation—that is, no keyboard or mouse needed—to further facilitate the mobile experience.

“Mobile traffic is skyrocketing,” said Chad Weinman, CEO of Cat5 Commerce. “It is vital for us to meet the changing needs of our customers.”

The mobile sites are available on all mobile devices while the desktop interface will remain the standard for tablets. If the single-page checkout is received well, the company could implement the process on its the desktop version of its websites.

The mobile site also includes the ability to seamlessly switch between the desktop and mobile versions of the websites. If users find they prefer using the desktop version, they can access the full version on their mobile device.

“Customer needs were the focal point for this development,” Weinman said. “We wanted—and needed—to give them something that was useful and usable that would add to their mobile experience rather than complicate it.”

About Cat5 Commerce

Founded in 2004, Cat5 Commerce develops and operates niche online retail destinations from its base in Chesterfield, Mo. With ten online storefronts, its best-known retail properties include, and

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