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Jacob Grass

Jacob Grass, CTOJacob Grass

Jacob joined Cat5 in November of 2011 as the Lead Developer before accepting the position of Chief Technology Officer in October of 2013. He is responsible for guiding and defining the technical vision to support Cat5’s explosive growth in a reliable, scalable and nimble way. Jacob’s love of using technology to make people’s lives easier and to solve business problems is a core foundational component of how he attacks his role. Driving his teams as service organizations results in an optimized shopping experience for external customers and optimized and automated internal processes throughout Cat5. In concert, these efforts ultimately result in the most positive end-to-end customer experience possible.

Jacob has been a successful development team lead and software architect for more than 10 years in a number of different verticals: Finance, Marketing, Telecom and Medical. That broad experience has provided excellent insight into not only the varied technical problems that can occur, but also the business problems that he loves to solve.

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