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The online retail company consolidates e-commerce destinations into an all-inclusive tactical superstore.

Niche online retailer Cat5 Commerce has merged five e-commerce destinations for military and tactical gear into one all-inclusive superstore. Websites formerly known as,,, and are now

The company's first online store,, launched in 2004 and laid the foundation for Cat5 Commerce to evolve into a multimillion-dollar internet retail business. Over the past decade, the company expanded its product selection to include all facets of military and tactical clothing, equipment and footwear across sites dedicated to each individual category.

"The driving force behind this decision was to create a streamlined destination that fulfills all our customers' needs," said Chad Weinman, CEO of Cat5 Commerce. "Creating the most efficient shopping experience for our customers is our No. 1 priority."

This consolidation improves the user experience by housing even more top brands, outstanding customer service and competitive pricing formerly found on Cat5 Commerce's niche properties on one user-friendly storefront. Customers no longer need to visit multiple sites to buy the apparel, equipment and footwear their jobs require. Instead, is the one-stop shop for all military and tactical gear requirements.

About Cat5 Commerce
Founded in 2004, Cat5 Commerce develops and operates niche online retail destinations from its base in Chesterfield, Mo. Its best-known retail properies are and